From October 16-22, 2016, during Right Care Action Week, people around the country will join together and take action to show what our health care system should look like. Join us!



What is RightCare Action Week?

Our health care system has strayed from its mission: Health care that is effective, affordable, needed and wanted by well-informed patients, and especially, free of clinical decisions that are made with financial or business considerations.

Right Care Action Week is an initiative where clinicians, patients, and the public come together to show what health care can and should look like.

Our first Right Care Action Week (Oct. 18-24, 2015) was a great success. We had over 15 official sites where actions took place throughout the country.  Over 1000 people have answered the call to action and signed up on our website or signed one of the letters calling for changes to healthcare that advances right care.

Tell us what you did in 2015