What is RightCare Action Week?

RightCare Action Week is a grassroots initiative for clinicians and others who want to take action that demonstrates how much better our healthcare system can be.

Our healthcare system has strayed from its mission: Healthcare that is effective, affordable, needed and wanted by well-informed patients, and especially, free of clinical decisions that are made with financial or business considerations.

From Oct. 18 to 24, 2015, people like you across the country will take action to show patients that we have not forgotten what good medical care is. Actions can be as simple as taking a deeper social history or doing a house call.

What can you do right now? Sign up for RCAW, vote on actions you’ll support from our growing list of possibilities, or suggest one of your own.

Here are some themes you should consider before suggesting an activity for either a single day of RCAW or the entire week.

Actions that:

  • Highlight the conflict between the healing culture and business culture
  • “Suspend business as usual”
  • Connect patients to clinicians and clinicians to their colleagues to provide better care
  • Encourage clinicians to take as much time as needed with patients

The only way to transform healthcare is if we present what better healthcare looks like. RCAW is our chance to do that. Sign up to join us now.

Read the Final Report from Right Care Action Week 2015 here today.

RCAW is an initiative of the Right Care Alliance. The work of the Right Care Alliance is supported by the Lown Institute.